Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fabri-Solvy and Transfer-Eze

We have been getting lots of emails about the difference between Fabri-Solvy and Transfer-Eze.  Both of these great products are printable water soluble film on a paper backing.  You can quickly and easily get your embroidery designs ready to stitch in just seconds with either of them!

The difference between the two name brands is the size of the sheet you print on.  Fabri-Solvy is a FULL 8 1/2” x 11” just like your regular paper.  Transfer-Eze is 8” x 11”, 1/2” smaller than regular paper. 

With either paper, just print your design using your copier putting the Fabri-Solvy or Transfer-Eze in the paper try.  Pull the printed film off the backing paper and finger press onto your fabric.  Add your hoop and embroider right through the film.  You will always have a perfectly accurate design illustration the designer wants you to stitch!  QUICK & EASY.  T-Efilm If you don’t stitch over all the printed lines perfectly – no problem.  When you have finished your stitching, ALL the lines will dissolve leaving only your lovely embroidery!

DissolivingTransfer-Eze Dissolve the film in your sink with a generous amount of warm water.  It is fun to watch the film dissolve in just a few minutes.  I usually can’t be patient so I swish the water around to see the film dissolve.  Having  plenty of water helps everything dissolve.  Rinse the fabric under fresh warm water when you are finished.

Lay your design flat on a bath towel to soak up the water.  I iron  my embroidery wrong side up on the bath towel using a steam iron.  If you want, you can use a little spray starch too to crisp up your design. 

Give Fabri-Solvy or Transfer-Eze a try.  You will be so happy to have a perfect design to stitch in just a very short time….no more using the light box to trace your designs!


  1. Hi Robin,

    I've only used Transfer-Eze and am so pleased with this product. Not changing since I found this and the "eze" & results. The slight difference in sheet size is not a problem since I do miniature projects. Great product.


  2. I just received my order and I LOVE the Transfer Eze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super simple to use and I really did have my project ready to go in seconds! <3 I'll be using this all the time!

  3. I am doing a fairly large red work design and am using Transfer Eze and LOVE it. It is so easy to work with.

  4. Hi
    Love Transfer-eze. Works like a dream. Will also try the Sulky just to know.


  5. love, love love the transfer-eze...but as any great quilter will do...I'll try the new product also!

  6. Thanks for that information - I HATE tracing - even now with my lovely new light box - the idea of photocopying sounds like a dream cpome true. I am off on a hunt for this in Australia.

  7. Wow, didn't know there was a product like this! I'm having a problem with my disappearing pen as it disappears in just a few hours and I like to stitch a little bit every day over the course of a few days.

    One question, has anyone had problems with their floss bleeding while rinsing?

  8. my needle gummed up in less than two inches and it was impossible to stitch. what am I doing wrong?

  9. Super blog, I love your articles and reports, good continuation.


  10. Regarding the needle gumming up, did she ever get an answer.? I had the same problem with FabriSolvy