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Are YOU Taking our RedWork Challenge???

We just had a call from the folks at Road To California Quilt Show. They want to list Your Names for the show book about our Special RedWork Challenge Exhibit . Email your name to me today so we can send soon!   Still time to start stitching and send by January 10!!
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Visit our Cyber Monday SALE

Thanksgiving is over and we are getting ready for Christmas.  Today ONLY save 15% off on all of the good stuff in our Christmas Category.   Lots of great holiday decorating designs plus welcome gifts to make for family and friends. Remember ONE day only so hop on over and see…. Christmas at BBD

Designing by Candle Light

Here is my new mode of designing – by candle light! A power outage for many hours in the middle of the night to late morning.  I gathered some nice brass candle sticks and got to work…..I’m an early bird!  When the sun began to rise over Clear Lake I was able to snap a picture. Not recommended for long sessions of thinking and drawing but OK at the time!   Got a couple of ideas down on paper to finalize and get stitching for the arrival of our new fabrics….they are due to arrive in December some time – YAY. Oh, by the way….remember our RedWork SALE continues today and is over tomorrow. Visit the RedWork Category and pick your BBD Pattern and make your RedWork Challenge design.  Enjoy some quality Embroidery time!

SALE on ALL RedWork is Continues

15% Off on all things in the RedWork Category until next Sunday, the 24th. Cash in and pick something new to Embroider! Create a new decoration for your home, how about a great gift for someone special……and select your RedWork Challenge Design and get stitching!! A Christmas design would be great….. twice. Once for your Holiday Home and then send to us in January (before 1/10/14) for the Challenge…..efficiency is everything. Happy Stitching today!!

Are You Working on Your RedWork Challenge??

Our RedWork Challenge Special Exhibit is coming in January at Road to California Quilt Show . Have you selected your Bird Brain Design Pattern yet? Today a 15% off Sale Begins on Every RedWork Pattern Visit the RedWork Category and pick your pattern…… Click Here! Our stitching galfriend, Wanda, has sent a “work in progress” photo of her RedWork Garden. Can hardly wait to see an update!! Email me to tell me others of you are out there enjoying your Embroidery in Red.  I don’t want to have only a couple people come to our Challenge Party… hats are ready! Photos for sharing are wanted, too. RedWork Challenge emails to:

Back Home in Kelseyville

We had a loooong 3 weeks away at Houston’s Market and Festival and are quite happy to be back tiny Kelseyville and our cute little store. Back to “normal”! I found a lovely BIG box of 2 yards each of A Quilter’s Garden …..our NEW Fabric Line from Fresh Water Designs at E. E. Schenck . Of course I piled all 57 up in color families…so really fabulous to see and touch!! Reds, Neutrals, Blues and Blacks Plus 4 shades of “Aged to Perfection” fabrics for us to use for wonderful Embroideries and Quilts…..can’t wait for our REAL shipment to arrive.  Will keep you posted! Plan for some Exciting NEW things coming Soon.

At Last We are Home

It took 5 days to drive back to Kelseyville from Houston.  We did make a detour from I-10 to I-8 and visited San Diego for part of a day. Such a beautiful place!!  Absolutely fabulous weather and views all over the place….enjoyed a walk to La Jolla beach near Robin’s daughter’s house, a walk in La Jolla Village to lunch overlooking the seal beach in La Jolla Cove. Lucy parked at Kate Sessions Park – we don’t fit in many other places in San Diego where every square inch of land is too valuable for large parking lots! View from Lucy looking at the bay and Pacific Ocean.  Breathtaking!  Smiling Jennifer and Milo coming to get us to have a quick tour of their new home and yummy lunch. I snapped a photo of Jennifer, Milo and Tina just before heading back to I-5 and home.  Tina and I are SO HAPPY to be home again.  Back to fun designing to finish with our new A Quilter’s Garden fabric when it comes soon! Happy Weekend All!