Friday, July 24, 2009

Chickens are the Thing!

Chickens are a fun feathered thing.  When we were coming home from Denver we had our own "wake up" rooster in the park were we stayed the night.  He was also quite the fearless character and went after Mackenzie and Campbell as they were relaxing outside Lucy, the motor home.  He was very handsome and  began crowing from 4 am until we left!

Crowing Rooster - Chanticleer

In honor of our beautiful park rooster, stitch up your own chickens with SPECIAL PRICES on tea towel designs and a popular design reprinted just for the summer.  Words we can ALL live by!

Let the Stress Begin

The Hen Delivers Tea Towel set will brighten up your kitchen.  They will, also, make a quick-to-stitch gift for another chicken lover you know.  Give yourself something to crow about! 

Stitch your tea towels in RedWork or in colors of #8 Perle Cotton.

Both styles look great!

The Hen Delivers Tea Towels

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Come to the Beach - Long Beach July 24-25

We are heading off to Southern California and the beach in Long Beach.  This is the second year of the west coast version of the Houston International Quilt Festival and should be even bigger and better than last year.  The convention center is right on the water and you can see the Queen Mary from the show.  Maybe you can treat yourselves and take a room on the famous ship now a unique hotel.

Our booth is the first one as you come down the escalators .  Don't miss us in lucky booth number 1313-1317!

We have another batch of vintage needlework treasures.  Maybe something will be perfect for you to take home to your own sewing studio and make your space unique and wonderful.

Visit to see all the classes and events planned.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Enjoy the new Season

Its a new season!  You can enjoy all of the 4 Seasons with the Seasonal Patchwork Samplers lap quilt or wall quilt.  Each Sampler block celebrates the best of that season in whimsical blocks of RedWork Embroidery.  You can, also, finish each Sampler by itself to feature in your home changing your display as the year rolls by.

We are featuring the fun to do year 'round design at a special price for you.  Have some fun each new time of year!

Seasonal Patchwork Sampler

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NEW Summer Picnic Ant Freebie

It is HOT here at the lake - summer is really here big time.  The new Freebie Tea Towel for your summer picnics and parties is ready to print. 

The tea towel's silly ant celebrates his own summer party with a flag to remind you of the time of year.  Enjoy a little time for yourself and embroider a towel for you or as a gift.

Freebie Design

We have the Sage Green Stripe Tea Towel plus ALL the #8 Perle Cotton for you to stitch right away. We have all the other supplies you will need here to purchase if you need them for your project.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Traveling Needlework Companion

When I am traveling or on the road from show to show I enjoy doing RedWork.  There is just the lovely shade of Turkey Red #8 Perle Cotton to worry about - you can't pick up the wrong color to stitch!

On a plane trip I cut the Perle Cotton lengths and loop them over a small embroidery hoop or the strap of my stitching tote.  They are ready to use pronto and you only have to trim the completed length as you go.

Quick and Easy!

Have some traveling fun this summer even if it is just to sit under a nifty tree in your yard to enjoy some quality embroidery time!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Come See Us In Denver

We are looking forward to having a great time at the Rocky Mountain Sew Festival in Denver July 9 - 11.....please come and visit if you live near by.  The show is always a success and we love seeing "old" friends and meeting all of you new friends. 

Something NEW in the Bird Brain Booth.  Come and see all the vintage needlework treasures we have collected.  Maybe something will be perfect for you to take home to your own sewing studio!

Vintage Needlework Stuff

Two NEW RedWork Leaflets for Summer

Enjoy a little time for yourself this busy summer and embroider one of our RedWork Leaflet designs.  The stitching area is 5" x 7" and stitching with Turkey Red #8 Perle Cotton on our wonderful Muslin won't take long.  We finished our designs as a small wall hanging attached to one of our Vintage Wooden Quills just for fun.  They will make a fun little pillow center too.  Get out your embroidery hoops and needles, find a comfy spot and get to stitching!

189_I Love Apples RedWork Stitchery Leaflet


Make a little Welcome sign to hang on a door knob in your home to welcome all your friends and relatives.  Fun and quick to stitch

Welcome To The Hive RedWork Stitchery Leaflet

Friday, July 3, 2009

We Are Hitting the Road Again

Today we 4 travelers are hitting the road again – Robin, Tina, and 2 furs, Mackenzie and Campbell.  We are going first to Hailey, Idaho to visit our fabulous web designer and web master (Robin’s son) and his terrific family, Brenda, Anika and Zane.  Then we are off to Denver through Salt Lake City and Wyoming.  


Mackenzie has her spot picked out on the couch in the motor home.  Back to loading up the refrigerator and driving our 2 lane road to I-80 and into Reno.  It is not so pretty then but we head north after Wells, Nevada into Idaho.

See lots of you in Denver we hope!

Robin, Tina and the Pooches

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bobbies and Palace Guards

It was interesting to see the British policemenBobbies, Bobbies, around town.  They do not carry weapons (except 3 that we saw guarding the Houses of Parliament with automatic weapons, one in the back right in this photo) but find it necessary to wear bullet proof vests.  They have the same sad crazies in Europe as we have here!

Looking just like toyPalaceGuards soldiers we found 2 very young men at one of the entrances to St. James Palace near Buckingham Palace.  They can stand for ages without moving a muscle.  I would have an itch I couldn’t scratch most of time!  As we walked near them they marched in place a couple of times and moved their rifles to the other shoulder.  Milo loves that!  That might keep them awake and upright for another hour or so. 

Even the footmen at the House of ParliamentFancyFootman look fabulous.  This fellow was at one of the side entrances where the British big wigs enter the building.  He greets them and opens doors etc.  Very fancy stuff!  The United Kingdom takes their monarchy very seriously and has lots of traditions, costumes and rituals that we certainly enjoyed seeing.  We liked the double decker RED buses and I didn’t even take a picture of one.  Hundreds of them zooming around for tours and just to get from place to place.  We liked riding on the top the best.

Robin and Tina

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

English Flowers

We stayed in a bed and breakfast hotel in the Chiswick area of west London.  The Brook Hotel has been in the same family since the 1970’s.  It was fashioned from 2 adjoining 3 story row houses.  Each had a big garden in the back joined to make a lovely spot to sit.  Milo loved running around and kicking his soccer ball.  

The roses in the hotel’s garden were wonderful.  Everyday there was a Roses From Gardenvase of roses on the entry table and in the lounge.  Wonderfully scented blossoms we enjoyed sniffing.  The French doors to the patio garden from the lounge and breakfast room were something I would love to have at home.GardenDoors  Both doors had window boxes filled with petunias, geraniums and multi-colored Lobelia drooping over the edges of each box.  So nice!  I took lots of photos of flowers all over our city route.  Just so nice to see window boxes of flowers on business building windows and across the balconies of others.  We need more of that kind of thing here think!   Here is DowntownWindowboxanother window box on a lovely marble sided office building.  We were off to find St. James’s Palace and park next to Buckingham Palace.  LOTS of walking!  More of our travel log tomorrow. 

Robin and Tina too.