Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We Are At The Beach!!

We are in Long Beach waiting to set up tomorrow for the International Quilt Festival.

We took a relaxing walk along the Marina next to the Convention Center.  Lots of expensive boat “toys” plus the beach at the end of the Marina.

Even in the late afternoon lots of kids and their families were enjoying the water with the small waves with the warm sand. 

There are many small islands dotting the harbor.  We asked a fisherman what they were.  They are owned by the oil companies – maybe very nice oil wells!?

Along side of the Convention Center is an interesting round arena for concerts and other stuff.  Paintings of whales, fish and birds decorate the sides like an aquarium.

We are comfortable in Lucy in the parking lot in front of the “aquarium” enjoying some nice dinner and a good book on tape. 

This is the last year the Quilt Show is in Long Beach.  If you are near by come by and see all the great quilts and shop with the super vendors.  We will watch for you!



  1. Beautiful place to hold a convention! (And, Lucy is one amazing motor home!!) Have fun! Nancy