Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Flowers in Lake County

Spring has Sprung
the Grass is Riz.
My Garden is Where
the Flowers is!

Enjoy a RedWork Garden in your home whether the flowers of spring are actually coming up in your garden.


I enjoyed snapping a number of pictures in our county yesterday as I drove home. 
Spring in the country is beautiful!

Fabulous and sweet scented Wisteria growing crazy along a fence – probably 50’ wide by 30’ tall up into a tree in the back.

Mustard between the rows of vines just popping with tiny leaves.  The vintage barn has one of our Lake County Quilt Trails painted Quilt Blocks.  A wonderful tour around the county to see all the Blocks…..Bird Brain Designs store has one too!

Mustard is plowed into the soil after they are finished blooming

Pear trees are in bloom treating us to acres of beautiful orchards filled with delicate blossoms and tiny green leaves. A promise of delicious pears in August! Come to the Kelseyville Pear Festival September 28 for FUN and visit our Store.

California Poppies are bright and beautiful along the roads and in unsuspected spots all over the place.  Our California State Flower!


Redbud trees are still beautiful along all the highways in and around Lake County.  So pretty.


My garden is adding to the Spring Fling & I love it.


Happy Spring to you!


  1. The flowers are wonderful, both in your county and your new pieces. Our lilacs are just started to bloom, been a cold winter, so things are finally coming up.


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