Friday, April 5, 2013


Our Dog Quilt is finally coming together!!
There is just one more block to draw and ALL will be finished and into a hoop to embroider.

Poppy has been keeping me company for several days just watching me from her prone position in her crib in the Design Studio.  Such a patient pooch!

Poppy is a poster child for our RedWork Pattern, A Dog’s Perfect World.  She may have had a good life a long time ago but then was found at an Estate Sale after her former family passed away.  She was left in the house alone with someone bringing her food.  The Russell Rescue of Riverside County found her at the Sale and 
I got her next!  She has separation issues (as you can imagine) but is more a stuffed animal than a “real” Jack Russell.  She like coming to the store and plays with our other “work” dogs, Abigail, Campbell and Edie.

A sneak peek at the 6 Dog Quilt Blocks stitched.

Fabric is on order and due next week.  We will put the 8 blocks together and zip it up to Washington to Lori for quilting.  Dogs are coming fast!  YAY!


  1. That is a fun idea and can't wait to see how it all looks together. Poppy is a sweet pup and looks like she is happy with her new mom.


  2. I can't wait to see this one!!!! Lucky Poppy that she has such a good home - she is precious. :)

  3. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw MY doll crib. But! the dog. I have one just like her(a rescue)named Quigley. She is part Jack Russell+Poodle. She had issues too, has been with me 3 thrilling years and gets cuter,sweeter and and more beloved with each day. So clever and sweet and such a special companion. You have many happy days ahead. Meg & Ms.Quigley
    PS I love the redwork!!

  4. Oh, my goodness!! What a treat! I love the dog and the crib. We have a long haired Chi and he loves to scooch down in between the covers. I love this idea! He will have his own, personal quilt! I can't wait to see this! Amazing! I also love your dog :) You are so very lucky that you both found each other! Woof

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    Um abraço!

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