Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FREEBIE for December is Ready to Print

Visit our Website and print out the last FREEBIE Design for 2012.  This month you can Embroider the elegant Persimmon on a Sage Green Tea Towel.

This pretty fruit originated in China and Japan. 
It makes some yummy stuff and can be eaten just as it is.  A Very pretty and colorful dessert.

Enjoy stitching your last FREE design adding to the other 11 Fruit and Veggie designs throughout the year.
Visit the Free Design Category on our Website to print and stitch all 12 FREE designs.

As usual,  I printed my Persimmon on Sticky Fabri-Solvy so I could VERY easily get the design on  my Tea Towel.

Fast to get on the fabric and easy to see as I embroidered.  I dissolved the Fabri-Solvy away in the sink with warm water flowing on the towel.  I find a little “aggression” rather than passive soaking gets the film and printer ink floating away down the sink.

Get printing and then stitching for some great Holiday Hostess Gifts this year.  FUN and NOT expensive!

Happy Stitching, everyone.  Robin

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