Monday, August 6, 2012

Went to the Las Vegas Gift Show

After the Long Beach Quilt Festival we headed to Las Vegas to check out the wholesale Gift Market.

Had a great time after several years of not attending.  Now with our NEW Studio-Store we had a reason – HA!

We found some great display furniture to use and show off our NeedleArt goodies in the shop and maybe at quilt shows, too.  Candles are on the way to give a wonderful scent to enjoy in the Studio and in your homes.  We also found fabulous clocks we can hardly wait to hang on the wall.  Bird houses, lamps, metal ornaments and lots of other goodies are coming soon.  I’ll add photos and urge you to make a visit to Kelseyville and check them out!

Across the street from the Mart is one of the most interesting buildings I have seen.  It is all twists and turns – kind of looks like it melted in the Nevada sun! 
It is is brain center and is sure to put someone with a brain injury over the edge wondering about their sanity!

As our show purchases arrive we will photograph and share with you…stay tuned!


  1. That building would definitely mess with my head, lol.


  2. What a cool looking building ~ kinda makes you crazy!!!

  3. are you sure it's not falling down !!!!

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