Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Long Beach Quilt Show Was GREAT

We had a great everything at the Quilt Show.  Saw many old friends and met new friends who know us from the website and Newsletters – FUN!  We worked all weekend with Carol and Alan, our “Satellite Studio” folks who take Bird Brain Designs to shows Robin and Tina don’t go to.

Satellite Studio Group

Every day we worked long hours at the show (until 7 o’clock!) and then ate wonderful food at the super restaurants along “The Pike”.  Almost (sort of) like a vacation after work – yummy.

The Quilt Show is over and we are in Las Vegas as shoppers at the Gift Show.  Finding lots of really fun stuff to decorate and sell in the new Studio/Store in Kelseyville, California.
Hope many more of you will be able to make a trip to our cute town to visit and shop at the Studio.

I’ll take photos of all the new stuff as it arrives at the Studio to tempt you to make a visit!


  1. We visited your Studio in Kelseyville about a month ago. After a fun time shopping in your store, and purchasing several items, we went across the street and had a yummy cookie at the bakery! Will definitely visit again.

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