Thursday, July 12, 2012

Santa Doorstop-Doll

On to the next step in creating Santa as a holiday doorstop and/or RedWork doll this morning.

I have stitched Santa into the tall (16”) shape and stuffed it firmly.  I think it will work!!

Now I’ll trace onto our nice muslin and stitch him up to finish for real.  While enjoying the embroidery I’ll think about how to dress our snowman and angel to draw up next.  This is FUN!!


  1. A packet of washers, marbles, crushed walnut shells or even sand could be added to the base for some added weight and stability.

  2. Hi Marcia!
    You are so right....I made a little muslin bag the size of the base of Santa and filled it with crushed walnut shells. After filling him at the top I settled the filled bag into the very bottom. Santa is standing solid and tall...thanks for thinking of other things to hold him up too!

  3. Have you tried the crayon enhancement feature?
    Before you stitch, in the areas that you want to add color, first color with the white crayon, more scrubbing than coloring. You want to fully fill in the area for a good foundation. Then add the lovely reds & greens to the area that has been prepared with the white crayon. Now is your chance to shade, and add as little or as much color as you like.
    Coloring enhances the stitching nicely.

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