Monday, April 16, 2012

Three More Days for our Website SALE

Everything on our website is on SALE for you.  You buy it now and we don’t have to move it into our new shoppe!

Save 10% on anything you want on our website through Wednesday the 18th.

Have some fun filling your wish list.


Sunday I took a drive to Kelseyville and snapped a photo of the other side of Main Street.  On the opposite corner on our block is Studebakers Café.  Lovely for coffee, pastries and sandwiches.  Next door is LuLu’s Ice Cream shop.  I enjoyed a cone of Espresso Chip, yummy. 

Our old carpet is coming out this morning and new will be laid later today.  Can’t wait to show you! 
Keep watching this spot.


  1. Very happy for you both!! The new store is going to be wonderful.
    Tina, hope you have a speedy recovery. Please do the rehab, its a must. If you dont you will loose quite a lot of your mobility. Two friends had the surgery one did the rehab and the other did not. want to guess the result.
    Cannot imagine either of you with less energy than we get to enjoy each time we see you at shows.

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