Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Wools for Applique

Spring and warm and beautiful wool.  Does that work?
Yes, we have so many beautiful shades of Wool in gorgeous springy colors.  Make pin cushions, table runners and pillows for your spring decorating.

Look at some of the Wool collections we have put together in lovely bunches of Spring colors.
All the pieces are Fat 1/8th (16” x approximately 12”)


Pastel Bundle

Six pastel shades of pre-felted wool great for Easter creations and pretty pastel flowers and leaves.

Light Blue
Bright Olive
Lemon Yellow

Another batch of shades so great for Spring and right into Summer Wool Appliqued designs you can come up with!


Our Spring Garden Wool Collection have pastel shades with pizzazz.  Just a shade darker for most colors that will combine with the Pastel Bundle to really add to your wool stash.
Enjoy them ALL! 




Add some greenery to your floral Wool Shades above.  Our Spring Greens will remind you of all those petite little leaves and spring shoots making an appearance all around you in the garden.


Perky shades of greens for adding leaves and stems to your Garden Greens Wool Applique.

Blue Houndstooth
The Wizard
Light Mint

Enjoy some gardening with your stash of Wool.

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