Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Shoppe’s Picket Fence

We are making a picket fence inside the Shoppe to keep our Shoppe Pooches from greeting customers as the dogs run out the front door!

We were inspired by a really great fence in front of a Kelseyville landmark house just a block west and across the street.  I love the house too!

Steve and I getting the pickets cut with me painting the base coat……LOTS of pickets!  Seems too many for just a 12’ fence plus a generous gate.  The final fence will be painted black to match our new book/fabric cases. 
That painting begins tomorrow, Monday.

Back to writing instructions and finishing more NEW RedWork designs for next week….Robin


  1. That is going to look wonderful in front of your shop, can't wait to see it up.


  2. I agree with Ms. Anna; the picket fence is so inviting, and it gave your shop a clean and refreshing look! And the fact that you and Steve were the ones who did it makes it more interesting and fun! Cheers to the new picket fence that added value to your shop! :)

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  6. ence plus a generous gate. The final fence will be painted black to match our new book/fabric cases.
    That painting begins tomooutdoor fencing