Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The First “Stuff” got to the Shoppe

We just delivered the first load of things to the Shoppe. 
Lucy, the motor home, had a full garage so it has been taken to Kelseyville and all put inside – nice to be on a roll to decorating and sorting everything out!
Lots more to move.

Tina and Campbell were the supervisors for the guys.
Tomorrow is the first visit back to the surgeon to see how the shoulder is healing.  Tina will be very thankful to lose the huge sling with the “pillow” under her elbow.


  1. ok so when is the grand opening? I cant wait to come visit!!!

  2. Hi Tracy!
    We will officially be there in June for a party. First to get in, go to Quilt market in 2 weeks and finish getting it primped to show off. See you in June! Robin

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