Friday, April 13, 2012

BUSY Here at Bird Brain Designs

We are getting ready for our move to downtown Kelseyville and last Monday Tina had some serious surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff on her right shoulder.
She will be more or less out of commission for 6 weeks!
This could make her a little crazy being so confined in a sling contraption to let her shoulder heal…we shall see.

Beautiful and cheerful roses from Kendall,  Tina’s lovely daughter.  Tina declined her photo opportunity!


NEW Shoppe Update

All the painting is completed and two new ceiling fans are up.  We have plenty of light but we needed to stir up the air to keep our big room heated or cooled.  Our 2 beauties, already tested, are working so well!  Sometimes it is the small things that please us so much.

NEW Fans

The carpet team is arriving at 9 am on Monday…more photos after they arrive.  So far so good.

Remember our ALL Website SALE so we have fewer things to move to the Shoppe!  Help us out. 
Save 10% on EVERYTHING.


  1. Get well soon Tina. The studio is looking GREAT. Wish I lived in Kelseyville CA. Ceiling fans are the best....I've got one in the 4 bedrooms, the kitchen and at the top of the stairs...Pauline

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