Friday, January 13, 2012

Packing Up For Road to California

There are piles of goodies all over the place here in the studio getting ready for Road to California.  Models, wool, pin cushions and plenty of other things too….quite the mess!

Wool Squares

Here is a big pile of 8” squares of our wonderful wool ready to bag up and take out to Lucy, the motor home.  The wool rack is ready to roll too.  We do love our wool!

Wool Rack

The models are gathering together on top of their suitcase and will be stuffed inside.  A new season of the year so we don’t want to forget any one!

Models On Suitcase

Craziness around here – how normal.  See you folks next week at the show.


  1. Oh NO- don't forget all those gorgeous stitcheries. :)

  2. Thank you so much for this funny little bird pattern. :-)

  3. You were my favorite booth at the show (and where I spent most of my money!!). I'm not really a quilter, but an embroidery fan. I love it that you have the dunroven towels and all the patterns. Cute cute cute!
    Linda of Front Row Friends

  4. Thanks so very much for everyone who visited us at Road to California....see you next year!

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