Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FREE Snow People Hangings

Another FUN finish for your pair of FREE Snow People in RedWork. 


Last weekend I had an urge to stitch these 2 cuties again and make a couple of mini hangings for my living room.  I Used our little hangers with clips to hang the designs.  The finishing was super simple adding Red Star Fabric around the RedWork.  I backed the RedWork top with thin batting and machine sewed on a matching star back.  The 2 are nice hanging from a toy wicker sleigh.

Instead or in addition to tea towels, stitch up a pair of Snow People to decorate your home – even to hang on your Christmas tree!


  1. Robin they are adorable . Do you have a smaller version that can be made into an ornament?

  2. you can see one of them on my blog today
    Jo-Elle (from France)

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