Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Around the Studio

I was walking around my house today getting into the Christmas spirit and snapped some photos of some of my favorite goodies.  I love collecting Santa stuff and have a few around my house.   All the Santa’s are out to enjoy all year – such happy guys.


This soft Santa with a velvet suit has been around since Jeffrey, our smart Bird Brain Design tech support and website designer, sat in the chair!  No one is counting though.  This cabinet is one of the end tables next to my couch.


This rag doll Santa with a vintage wool and velvet crazy quilt outfit sits in our father’s rocking chair.  Dad would be 111 year’s old this year!  The rocker is a wonderful treasure for me and Santa, too.

Another passion for me to collect are thread cabinets from old time mercantile stores.  Both of these are from Richardson Silk Company.  I use them as the end tables next to my couch.  The beautiful display case is now filled with all kinds of collected stitching goodies.  The rag doll Santa cabinet has a circular thread holder in the glass case that the customer turned to select their thread color.  Fun!

More photos another day…..Merry Christmas


  1. How sweet!!Love those Santa's!

    See you in Phoenix!

  2. Luv the thread cabinets and the rocker sure is a treasure. The rag doll Santa in the rocker is a great treasure too. Luv the vintage look.

    Wishing you the Merriest Christmas, good health and the happiest new year.


  3. Wonderful santas and I love your thread cabinets. They really make nice end tables and great for display.


  4. I thank God I can still pick an apple off my tree and eat it on the spot without having to worry about chemicals.

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