Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thanks to Everyone Remembering Mackenzie

A heartfelt thank you to all of the friends of Miss Mackenzie, a very popular fur!  We received so many thoughtful emails and telephone calls to tell us how many more animal lovers there out there.  Lots of tears were shed as we read your words of sympathy and confirmation that these critters are just our children with fur coats, not just pets.

Thank you for so many orders placed for our dog and cat patterns plus donations from caring pet lovers.  We will total all the sales on Monday and make our donation in honor of Mackenzie thanks to all of you.  It will be wonderful to give other not so lucky dogs and cats a better life – a life that our dogs surely enjoy!

Campbell will still travel with us in Lucy, the big white dog house, as we head to shows.  We hope more of you will meet this funny little dog, Mackenzie’s daughter, in the future.

Furry show supervisors - Copy

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