Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More from Salt Lake City

As I said before Tina and I had a great time decorating our little Mercantile Shoppe at market in Salt Lake City.


Propping designs with some (LOTS) of the goodies we brought in our funny little U-Haul trailer was fun.  Maybe we are frustrated shoppe owner who would like to set up displays all around a real store….not happening though!  We do like travelling around to see lots of different areas and a different groups of ladies.


My favorite display was my stack of little kid chairs to show off our NEW Bless Our Home BlackWork  Samplers.  The framed BlackWork  just worked so great resting on and around these cute little chairs.  I have just the softest spot in my heart (maybe my head!) for tiny little chairs.  I found another at a local estate sale this Thursday….cute.


Another nifty display shows off a couple of Wool Applique pin cushions hanging on the screen back of an old window with an added flower box added to the front.  We added live geraniums and greens to the window box for a nice look.  Tina’s funny little yellow stool was perfect to attach our Vintage Clamp pin cushions.  Other pretty RedWork designs surround the window box.

We are working on new designs to tempt you in the NEAR future.  Happy Stitching everyone!     


  1. How lovely!!! Thanks for sharing some more pictures of your booth!

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