Monday, May 30, 2011


My mistake – I said it was Veteran’s Day – that is in November!  Still a day to honor those who have given so much to keep our freedom and wonderful way of life.
Remember ALL who have and are now serving.

Here is another patriotic Freebie design you can print and stitch right away. 


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Veteran’s Day


Have a wonderful holiday.

Print out your Freebie patriotic design and have some fun stitching this weekend!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

New FREEBIE Design for You!

It will be June very soon and time for us to enjoy a NEW Freebie design, All Things Grow With Love, to jump into Spring and right into Summer, too.


Embroider a simple but colorful little garden on a Dunroven House tea towel with Sage Green stripes.  Other stripe colors from Dunroven House would accent the stitched garden with a sweet verse added under the flowers, too. 


As I have mentioned in the past – probably close to a million time now! – printing your Freebie design on Sticky Fabri-Solvy from Sulky of America is wonderful to have you stitching right away.  The design to embroider is perfectly accurate and will dissolve away when you finish your towel.  Just print the design on your copier and finger press the printed film on your towel.  Now you can embroider right through the design printed on the film – so QUICK & EASY!  Dissolve the film away with warm water when finished and you have a great design ready to show off.  Give Sticky Fabri-Solvy a try, you will like it – especially on towels.

Enjoy your FREEBIE design and take some time for  yourself and stitch up a something new.

Happy Stitching!  Robin

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More from Salt Lake City

As I said before Tina and I had a great time decorating our little Mercantile Shoppe at market in Salt Lake City.


Propping designs with some (LOTS) of the goodies we brought in our funny little U-Haul trailer was fun.  Maybe we are frustrated shoppe owner who would like to set up displays all around a real store….not happening though!  We do like travelling around to see lots of different areas and a different groups of ladies.


My favorite display was my stack of little kid chairs to show off our NEW Bless Our Home BlackWork  Samplers.  The framed BlackWork  just worked so great resting on and around these cute little chairs.  I have just the softest spot in my heart (maybe my head!) for tiny little chairs.  I found another at a local estate sale this Thursday….cute.


Another nifty display shows off a couple of Wool Applique pin cushions hanging on the screen back of an old window with an added flower box added to the front.  We added live geraniums and greens to the window box for a nice look.  Tina’s funny little yellow stool was perfect to attach our Vintage Clamp pin cushions.  Other pretty RedWork designs surround the window box.

We are working on new designs to tempt you in the NEAR future.  Happy Stitching everyone!     

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Spring Market Space Looked Inviting

Even if we do say so ourselves, we thought our little booth space looked very inviting to our quilt shoppe customers.  We had a great time fixing up our travelling store.  It is much easier to decorate this type of space rather than at a retail quilt show.  Then we need to fit in all the extra stuff all of our customers need – patterns, fabric, floss – all the good stuff!

We used a couple of great pieces of furniture from Tina’s house…her potting bench and corner cupboard made from an old door.


Both of Tina’s treasures added so much to the look and feel of our Spring Market Store. 

DoorCornerCupboard - Copy

Market was successful with LOTS of quilt shops visiting and buying patterns.  Remind your favorite quilt shop to check out Bird Brain Designs and stock patterns for  you to buy in their stores – so handy for you!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Salt Lake City was Great

Because we were told there would be no place to park Lucy, the motor home, we drove my truck and a U-Haul trailer.


We had a great trip but found we really missed Lucy and the dogs!  When we got to Salt Lake City we saw big parking lots all around The Salt Palace convention center.  Next time we will remember and our pooches, Mackenzie and Campbell, will join us!

An interesting ‘town’, Salt Lake City.  Really huge and spread out.  We had some fun trying to find restaurants and other good spots to shop.  We are home until our 2 July shows in Denver and Long Beach with BIG plans to design and stitch some new designs for all of you.  We’ll keep you posted as ideas hit paper!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day


Enjoy the Day Everyone!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

NEW BlackWork Embroidery Design

Yesterday we introduced a NEW BlackWork Embroidery design on our Newsletter.  In case you missed it here it is again! 

Bless Our Home BlackWork Samplers.


Three dramatic and graphic designs stitched in DMC #310 Black #8 Perle Cotton.  I used a Tea-Dyed Cotton for these models but the BlackWork will also look sharp on our Natural Heavy Weight Muslin.  The contrast makes the designs “pop”.

The frames are interesting too.  Of course the small one is just a nice black 5” x 7” wooden frame.  The long, skinny ones are new to me.  They are 5” x 12” and are made to hold 2 photos in the standard 4” x 6” size.  Different and nice!

The design illustrations can be traced right onto your fabric with a permanent Black Pigma Marker.  If you do NOT like to trace use our Printable Sticky Fabri-Solvy.  I grouped all 3 of the illustrations on a piece of paper 11” x 17” to match the Printable Sticky Fabri-Solvy.  Just print the designs at your copy store on the 11” x 17” size and you have all of them ready to embroider!

543_DesignIllustrationsQUICK & EASY to get to your embroidery!  All the little Lazy Daisy loops making the leaves on the trees will be easy for you to see and stitch.  Use the Printable Sticky Fabri-Solvy gives you a completely accurate design illustration to stitch….just perfect!   Enjoy some new pictures to decorate your home.

Monday, May 2, 2011

God Bless America

Celebrate the USA  - Justice has been done!


Get out your flags and wave them today!  Bad guys do get caught.   Three cheers for the Red, White & Blue! 


Thank you, Mr. President and the brave Navy Seals.


Sunday, May 1, 2011


What a lovely weekend we had here at the lake.  Finally it has gotten over 70 degrees and the sun was shining both days.   The Sailing Club on Clear Lake had a fabulous day and more sail boats than I have ever seen were out enjoying the spring breeze.  Clear Lake has more than 65 square miles of water – lots of sailing space.


I enjoyed working in the studio with our bird’s eye view of the lake keeping track of the boats.   I busied myself just making some wool applique  make-do pin cushions not “real” work like designing a new pattern.  FUN!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.