Thursday, April 21, 2011

March for the Animals

Last Sunday many people, dogs, a pig, a tortoise and a goat marched through Druid Park in Baltimore, Maryland on the 16th annual March for the Animals.  They raised an amazing $358,000 for homeless animals!  Robin’s daughter was part of a “pack” of people and pooches walking for the animals.  You can still make a donation to help them beat last years money total – they are getting close!

Check out the photos of the march including the funny animals on the flickr photos below.

Hug a dog and a cat today!

Puppy Portraits 002


  1. Oh Robin, how adorable! Are they Wired Hair Fox Terriers. We had one for many years and had to put him to sleep 3 years ago. We now have 2 Mini Schnauzers. Life without a pet is not a life.
    That's Happy Bottom, sitting on Charlie's lap, named for my friend Gladys or Gladass as Charlie used to call her.


  2. I agree with without Enzo would be a less joyful one!

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