Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Think It Really Is Spring

When out on the road to the grocery today (here it is a 30 minute trip along the lake shore) I saw lots of our pretty Redbud trees in bloom.  Such a beautiful fuchsia shade of pink actually.  Stopped to snap a few pictures to share.  Our Redbuds grow wild all over Lake County, a sure sign Spring has arrived – here anyway!


This one has a buzzing bee landing on the buds…nifty!

RedbudAndBeeI have plenty of LonelyTulipbulbs blooming on the  terrace garden in the front of my house and one lonely tulip.  I snapped a picture quickly before the deer find it and it becomes a spring snack!   We have been enjoying vases full of these pretty daffodils in my stitching area and in the studio too.  They smell so sweet and nice besides being so cheerful to look at.  Our pretty flowers should get us inspired to design some new designs and patterns for you right away.

DaffodilesOn Hill








Hope the weather at your house is cooperating too and lifting your spirits.  We are just happy the winds, rain and hail of 4 days ago have gone away.  Warm sun is so welcome!


  1. We had crazy hail in Napa too. I'd love a daffodil pattern!

  2. Yes, tulips are a tasty treat for the deer, but they won't touch dafs. They are such precious animals. Oh, they LOVE pansey flowers too - just the flower, and impatient flowers.


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