Thursday, April 14, 2011

Campbell Was a Little Under the Weather

Tina’s Campbell the dog did not feel well yesterday or the day before.  Here she is in her sick bed feeling quite sorry for herself.


She didn’t want to eat or walk or do anything but tremble and look really pitiful.  Sometimes she would yelp if you touched one of her front paws.  Tina took her to the vet’s office and, of course, she pranced right in wagging her tail (good grief!).  Turns out she was in pain and feeling bad because she had mud between her toes!!  She does like to play down at the pond but mud on her paws is quite the new wrinkle in dog drama.

Remember all the dogs that have REAL problems because they are hungry and homeless.  Probably sick too.  Help donate to care for animals who need assistance when you buy our Dog’s Perfect World pattern.  We are donating money to the ASPCA with sales.


Campbell and Mackenzie plus all of us will thank you for helping us support animals who need our help.


  1. Oh, poor, sweet Campbell. Mud between furry paws certainly can be painful. Sending big hugs to Campbell and her "nurse". (o: Do you know about Frosty Paws (T) (doggy ice cream?) Now that would help Campbell get over the "mud drama" quickly. Just go to Frosty or Purina.


    Thank you for caring for the homeless animals, hopefully your post will "jump start" people into thinking and helping. Blessings.

  2. AWWWW, so sweet. My babies like to play in the snow but always come in limping from it between their toes. Glad Campbell is ok.

  3. Such a sweet little drama queen!

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