Monday, March 28, 2011

Home from Sacramento

We had a great show in Sacramento over the weekend.  In spite of high winds, thunder, lots of rain and even hail the turn out was BIG.  After so many days (weeks?) of terrible weather everyone was ready to get out and enjoy the show.

We were right next door to Natalia from MamaShaman’s fabulous hand made shoes and boots.  Of course Tina and I went shopping MamaShamanShoes first thing Thursday morning before the show opened.  We each now have 3 more beautiful pairs of these Mola shoes….boots this time!  SO COMFORTABLE just as soon as you put your tootsies inside.  The Molas are hand made in the San Blas islands and the shoes are constructed in Columbia.  Check out the website for a pair for yourself.  Natalia will be coming to the Long Beach International Quilt Festival in July.  Come see her and Bird Brain Designs too!  You will be happy you came to the show. 



  1. I have 2 pairs of shoes coming!!!!! LOL I think they are super cool and can't wait to see them in person!!!!!

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