Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wool Applique and Freezer Paper

In our Newsletter today we are featuring designs to remind us that spring is coming – a well deserved treat for all of you still in the deep freeze!

Our Posy Pin Cushions are in the Newsletter and all three are fun and easy to make.  Each of the pin cushions features a bold flower appliquéd on an olive green wool with a large window pane pattern.  Fill with wool fleece around the Blanket Stitched edge and add Crushed Walnut Shells in the center for weight.203_PosyPinCushions Using Freezer Paper to make each of the pattern templates make creating Wool Appliqué so enjoyable.   Just print the pattern illustrations in your package on Freezer Paper (shiny side down) with your copier.

203_PrintOnFreeezwerePaperYou can, also, trace the designs on the Freezer Paper (shiny side down) instead of using your printer.

203_IronOWoolCut out your pattern piece just outside the printed or traced line.  Iron the pattern template (shiny side down) on your wool.  Now you can cut out the petal on the printed line.  The Freezer Paper give great stability to your wool and makes cutting shapes so EASY.  All the Freezer Paper templates are reusable for a few times – until they get too fuzzy to stick!

Enjoy creating fun Wool Appliqué designs.  Wool is so forgiving to work with and adding the simple embroidery stitches to appliqué is fun and easy.

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