Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Embroider Quilts in the Garden

A whole long time ago I posted a new design I was stitching – Quilts in the Garden.  It is finished and available as a pattern for you to stitch up in hopes that spring will be coming soon!

522_QuiltsInTheGarden  Three pretty quilts hanging out on a clothesline for display to everyone to admire.  Embroider with Turkey Red #8 Perle cotton RedWork on muslin.   Frame your piece or make into a nice long pillow for your favorite stitching chair.

I took 3 of the small designs in the quilts and in the garden and added the little embroidered patches to a pillow.  One of the quilts has been made into a pin cushion to add to your sewing basket.

Spring will eventually get here and warm us up but you can enjoy a spring-like design to stitch now and be ready when the bulbs peek out of the ground.


  1. I am definatley going to be adding this one to my "to do" list...it is adorable!


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