Saturday, January 1, 2011

It is Snowing In Kelseyville!

OK, yesterday I was finished with the snow and rain with a preview of our new ‘Quilts in the Garden’ design.
Happy New Year to us – it is snowing in Kelseyville!

SnowyDeerA doe walks by my back fence (on the right under the deck corner) wondering what is going on here.  A very interesting way to begin 2011.  We get a dusting of snow once in awhile but this is now over 2” and still coming down!  I plan to stay home today and embroider some new stuff….no shoveling for me.  All nice to see from my favorite stitching chair next to the fireplace. 

Happy New Year’s Day to all of you out there.


  1. Happy New Year.

    Yesterday I received my Snowmen & Reindeer pattern and am so excited. I am going to be a "new" quilter this year and looking forward to seeing what you write about.


  2. Happy New Year Robin and to everyone up there in Kelseyville! Looking forward to what BB has in store for 2011! :) (P.S. LOVE the Transfer-Eze! Best thing since sliced bread for embroidery!)

  3. Happy New Year! How beautiful and I had to look hard but I do see the doe! I haven't been up to your part of Northern California in years, my mom used to live in Healdsburg, I sure love it up there, I miss the road trips there.

  4. Happy New Year, I'm with you...stay in that comfy chair by the fireplace and embroider.

    Please stop by my blog and see what I did with your bluework pattern...Snowmen and Reindeer...

    ...and now it is featured on the blog 'Sew We Quilt' at Stash Manicure. Joyce from 'The Bears Blog' loved the quilt sEw much....she told me she was going to order the pattern and I see she did....

    ...looking forward to your new pattern 'Quilts in the Garden'.....luv your patterns and I have lots of them, you are sEw talented. lol

  5. Wow, we are used to that much snow up here in Canada but can't believe what you've rec'd!
    Happy New Year.

  6. We woke up to a white new year too, here in Shingletown and it was beautiful wasn't it? Almost gone now since the snow turned to rain by the end of the day, but what a fun surprise for the new year!

  7. That is quite surprising... I have never heard of that before reading your post!
    It makes me quite puzzled and angry too!