Saturday, August 28, 2010

NEW Pumpkin Pin Cushion

We have a new Fall Pumpkin & Crow Pin Cushion Set for you that is fun to make and fun to use too!  I made a trip to Tina’s mini pumpkin patch to take the photo of our Wool Appliqué pumpkin.512_PumpkinCrowPC   The pumpkin is filled to capacity with a pound or more of crushed walnut shells to make it stand up to hold all your pins and needles while  you work.  The Crow Pin Keep hangs from the pumpkin stem to store your pins and needles close at hand.  Fill the little Leaf Round with Emery to keep your pins and needles sharp.  A great set to make for the quickly approaching fall season!  Our handy Fabric Kit has all the goodies you will need to appliqué your Pumpkin Pin Cushion and accessories. 

Happy Autumn stitching!  Robin


  1. Gorgeous pincushion Robin.
    Whats the reason behind using crushed walnut shells and is there a substitute (I'm allergic to walnuts)
    Hugs, Sharon

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