Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Mountain of Wool

We are back in the swing of getting ready for another show.  This time it is only a couple of hours from home – at the Cal Expo State Fairgrounds in Sacramento, California.WoolMountain

Here is a mountain of wool pieces soon to be stuffed into bags for the show.  Each bag weighs a pound and is quite full.  Now, the stash bin in the studio is empty.  I always go a little crazy when I get ready to design a wonderful new project and there is nothing to dig around for and use!  I hate have to use the “good” stuff to experiment with.  Soon the bin will be full again and we can stuff more bags for a stash for a happy person.

The weather is glorious here at the lake so the weekend will be great…enjoy yours too. 



  1. It was fun to meet you at the show in Sacramento. I am looking forward to making the table runner that I bought. You will love this - at my Time for Tea and Embroidery group on Friday, many of the ladies had been to your booth and brought their treasures with them for show and tell. We all were excited about the stitcheries that we will be making the next while. Love your designs.

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