Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Ready for Phoenix

When we get ready for a quilt show the whole studio gets in a turmoil.  Every table surface is piled high plus tubs all around on the floor.   Everyone has to watch where they step!gettingReadyForShow Mackenzie and Campbell move from bed to bed under the computer table.  EacCampbel'sBirdsEyeViewh has their own “tricks” too.  Campbell is the  Princess and likes to be where the action is.  Today she enjoyed keeping an eye on the wild life in the back yard from her bed on the work table.   A large flock of robin’s were zooming around in the trees until a very fat ginger colored kitty decided to prance around back there too.  Four mom deer with a yearling and baby travel along the back fence every afternoon too just to round out the menagerie.  Campbell enjoyed the day!MackenzieGuardingCookies
Mackenzie is totally all  about food!  She spent most of the day (actually several days) primly sitting and watching the 2 bags of yummy cookies on the table.  Very quiet and very diligent.   She frequently gets a bite as her waistline will attest too! 
All of us will be ready to hit the road in the late afternoon Sunday.  See all of you good friends in Phoenix next Thursday.


  1. Oh I jus tlove reading about your schnauzers and seeing their photos... Our first "baby" Jackson was a miniature schnauzer and we had him for 10 years.. Hard to believe he's been gone a little more than a year now - I miss him still. Everyday.

    Do you think that Campbell and Mackinzie can tell that you are getting ready to leave for a trip??? ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  2. I think Campbell and Mackinzie should tell us what you've packed for the Phoenix Craft show! Hmmm ... go on guys ... grab that keyboard and start sharing the secrets. I'll give you those cookies on the table ;o) See you in Phoenix ~j.

  3. I just loved your booth. It was the cutest at the show. I am finishing a felt purse pattern I purchased from you. It is turning out uber cute and it is so easy. I just worked on it while waiting around for kids to load and unload from my car. Very relaxing and easy to follow.
    I hope you enjoyed Phoenix the weather was perfect the weekend you were here.

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