Monday, December 21, 2009

Today is the First Day of Winter

We are very pleased that we are getting lots of rain here at Clear Lake.  We NEED it!  The snow really fell in the east this weekend and it was exciting as they broke some snow records.401_Frosty&FeatheredFriends

Winter is going to be around until next March.  To celebrate all the snow in the east and just winter in general – applique our bright and cheerful Frosty & Feathered Friends.  I promise, the 14” square pillow doesn’t take forever to complete.  Have him to appliqué in lovely felted wool.  We have the 2009 Holiday Crafts magazine and a complete kit for Frosty….all at a First Day of Winter price.  Check it out on our web site  Brighten all the winter days ahead with this Fun-to-Stitch project.

Happy winter, happy holiday and everything else to you!  Robin

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