Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Is Here!

404_BewitchedHalloweenHanging Time to dress up and get ready for all those scary ghosts, goblins and witches who will be knocking on the door for tricks (on you) or treats (for them)!

Our witches have found their brooms and are ready to fly off into the night until next year.  Cash in on a special price for the kits before Halloween.  Get ready while you are in the holiday mood for fun this Halloween and be ready next year – no pressure!


Our lovely Bewitched Halloween Wall Hanging Witch above has a stunning green complexion complete with large wart.  A terrific addition to your Halloween decor next year.  Appliqué her with felted 100% wool fabric.  Her sistie-ugly, Ghoulish Girl to the left, has the same skin problem including the HUGE nose!  Ghoulish Girl is created in fun to do Needle Felting laying thin layers of 100% wool roving on a design you stamp on the wool background fabric.  Both of these raving beauties have patterns and complete kits to make them for your home.  The kits come with the vintage wooden quill bobbin to hang them.

Happy Halloween to all of you!  Robin

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  1. Love the site and all content.
    Congratulations and thank you