Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chicken Towels Coming Soon

I visited Tina’s chicken coop and snapped a few photos of her tiny new chicks and thNewBatchOfChicks5-09e “older girls” now in their fancy chicken home.  The little peeps are cozy in their box with a warming light overhead.   Some of the little yellow chicks will become a nice terra cotta and others will be white with black on their wings.  The 2 little black chicks (one is hiding in the back) will be black and gray like the big girls out in the coop.


The big sisters are now exploring their back yard.  They are not quite sure about hopping out the door and down the chicken walk but will get better as they grow.  Cute to watch them scratch the dirt to discover some yummy goodie!

chicktowels Here a Chick – There A Chick……a preview photo of one of the five tea towel designs on our “The Hen Delivers” pattern to be introduced on our web site and in the Newsletter next Friday.  Fun to stitch in several colors of #8 Perle cotton or pick one color and stitch as RedWork.  All 5 designs will work on any of the super tea towels we have.  Watch for it!



We now have 9 beautiful stripe colors on a creamy background for our very useful cotton tea towels.   I mentioned above, all the chicken designs will stitch up great on any of the 5 towels shown on the pattern photo…Terra Cotta, Red, Gold, Sage Green and Chocolate Stripes.   New colors are Chocolate and Terra Cotta.  Nice they are so useful as well as pretty!  Get ready to stitch.


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