Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Spring is really here in Lake County.  All around Clear Lake the Red Buds are just beautiful in bright mauve.  I had a short drive to deliver my Mackenzie the pooch to Tina (I’m off to visit kids for Easter) and stopped along the road to take pictures.  Lucky for me the camera was in the car.  Check out the buzzing bee at the bottom center of the blossoms. RedbudAndBee

In contrast, the cheerful California Poppies, our state flower are coming up everywhere.  The satiny blossoms are on the hills and in yards where ever you drive.  I had some beauties last year on my front hill but, sadly, none this year.CaliforniaPoppies

Not to be out done for spring in our sewing rooms, we have our own buzzing bee zooming around on our Sewing Bee Pin Cushion.  The set includes a bee skep needle case and bee emery for sharpening your pins and needles.  The fat bee also acts as a scissor minder.  Just the thing for spring! 


Enjoy your lovely Sunday…our spring weather is wonderful.  I’ll be back out tugging out the weeks in just a little while!

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