Friday, April 10, 2009

Pool Pal Trespassers



While looking out our studio windows we saw a couple of feathered trespassers in the neighbor’s pool.  The Mallard pair had a lovely time hopping in an out of the pool and swam for a long time.  Then Campbell, Tina’s pooch, discovered them and barked them out of their swimming’ hole.  I think they will be back again soon! – the water is fine!Feathered Neighbors The only duck design we have is Tina’s cute and fluffy needle felted Rubber Ducky.  She might not take to the water like these characters but will be cute for Spring and Easter decorating.

256_RubberDucky We will certainly keep our eyes open to check out when our new feathered neighbors return.  As Barry, the pool’s owner says, “I’m glad SOMEONE is enjoying it. 

Happy Swimming to you all of you from damp Kelseyville.

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