Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Ducks Came Back

The fun little Mallard duck pair returned for another swim around the pool this morning.  The quacking is very cheerful!  Maybe we will soon find a nest of little eggs we can watch along with Mom and Dad.

Pool Pals

I don’t think their eggs will be colorful as our Eggs on Parade or Easter Basket Mat filled with decorated eggs…..but a little nest to keep our eye on would be such a treat 


Speaking of feathered friends, Tina has just received her shipment of baby chicks.  She is planning on becoming the Egg Queen in a few months when her tiny pullets become hens and start earning their keep!  They are now living in a very large blue box that was formerly used to gather grapes at harvest time.  All 12 are very cute, lively and EAT a ton of chicken scratch.


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