Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rain, Sleet, Snow & Wind – Again?

March decided to make one more big roar as a lion today as we headed home from southern California.  We hit all of the above as we slowly travelled over the Tehachapi pass into Bakersfield.  A couple of scary accidents – one involving the sheriff's car!  We hope the lamb in March will appear later this week.

We are home safely and ready to head to bed and not do ANY work at 8 PM…..just read our books.  Tomorrow Tina will head out to her ranch and see Morgan, her kitty.  Morgan is always very glad to see “Mom” return!  Off again on Wednesday to Sacramento to set up shop for the show Thursday through Saturday.

More tomorrow.  Good night from the lake.


  1. Welcome home ladies! I hope to get a chance to come out and see you at the show this week since you will be just around the corner from me.

  2. Hi Robin and Tina: So glad you made it home safely. I was hoping to see you again before you left but sadly too much work. Hope to see you again soon. I will be home again - home again Saturday.