Friday, August 9, 2013

Beautiful Weather for Stitching!

We are enjoying absolutely elegant summer weather here at the lake.  Warm and sunny but not HOT.

Nice day on the lake

My plans today are to take some Embroidery and sit
on the deck and Stitch…peaceful and relaxing. 
Kind of like living and working at a lovely resort!!

Still working on more designs for a NEW RedWork pattern to finish with the pretty red fabrics in the stack.  Two embroidered and another (out of the picture) ready to stitch today.  Then figure out how to finish them!

More designing this morning to get ready for stitching this weekend.  Busy, busy, busy!

Check out our RedWork Designs on the web and find a Summer Stitching Pattern for you to relax with.

Happy Summer to ALL.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Special Prices Ends Today Towels & Patterns!

Visit our Tea Towel Category on the Website Today.

Enjoy the Special Prices on Towels and Patterns to Embroidery them…..we still have plenty in our HUGE stash in the garage!

Smile on Halloween when you have a set of
Happy Halloween Towels in your kitchen.
How about wrapping a bunch of Trick or Treat goodies in a towel for a very special hostess gift….SPOOKY!


Stitch all the designs in Black Perle on a Towel with Black Stripes or Black Border….even quicker to Stitch and have a great Halloween Towel or Six!

Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Special Prices for Tea Towels and Towel Patterns

Redecorate your kitchen with a set of NEW Embroidered Tea Towels.  We just received a HUGE shipment of towels and our store’s garage is full!

Enjoy a Special Sale for just a couple more days – ends when Wednesday ends!

Pick from our cotton towels with a bright White Background and bold colored borders.

Or you can spark your kitchen with these colorful
up-to-date stripe colors for some FUN!


Our tried and true collection of colorful striped Cotton Tea Towels with the creamy background may be just what you need…ALL look great with our Patterns.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Long Beach Show Opened Last Night

We had some fun meeting lots of our “Old” show going friends last night at Preview.

The booth looks good and we have our NEW Holiday Crafts Pillow plus Magazines and Wool Kits here and look festive.

Back to more fun at the show in a couple of hours.

Keep you posted on what goes on!