Monday, April 22, 2013

Chickens Rule the Roost

Tina’s Hens are happy, go-lucky little feathered friends.
They have the coolest Chicken Cabin and 60 acres to explore.  They actually only go about 50 yards away from the “nest” and scratch and peck all around their home and up the hill. 


When Tina comes home from Bird Brain Designs each evening they run from where ever they are hanging out to greet her.  So cute!


Enjoy the hominess (is that a word?) of chickens in your kitchen with our The Hen Delivers Towels.
Five designs to create some “Kitchen Chickens” for your home.

Our friend, Dianne, shared her set of 4 of the
5 towels proudly hanging in her kitchen.
Thanks so much, Dianne, they look perfect on your special towel rack!!

The Hen Delivers-Dianne

Have a great day out there everyone!

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