Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Have Arrived in Houston

Late yesterday afternoon we parked under the I-10 Freeway that skirts by the Houston Convention Center.  95% of our booth goodies have been unloaded and stashed inside.  The walls are up and models pinned up but the rest is in disarray.  We head in this morning to complete setting up.

On our last shopping day heading into town we found another adorable little animal we fell in love with. 

Tiny 11 week old Snickle Britches ‘owns’ one of the vendors at an antiques mall we found.  I think she was the most fun at the store even though we found a couple of goodies we could buy…..she was NOT for sale!  Snickle Britches is a Pie Bald mini Dachshund – so cute.

At our last stop before arriving in Houston,  Tina found a bird house she liked….luckily there were 2 so I could have one too!  These are HUGE and perfect for our gardens at home.  We are partial to ALL things Birdie!
Here is a photo of stuffing them into Lucy’s back garage.  Just enough room left over!

Off to finish Set-Up this morning.  The Preview Show opens today, Wednesday, at 5 – 10 PM.