Friday, October 26, 2012

On The Road to Houston

We left early to give ourselves plenty of travelling time to the BIG International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas.
This gives us many days to drive Lucy and allow any down time for unexpected stuff.  So far the cab’s air conditioner STILL blows only warm air after several trips to the fix-it place at home.  The generator worked perfectly as usual the first morning at 5:30 am but not since.  Now we have had to go outside, open the cubby and manually turn it on.  NOT cute!

We are stopped for the night at a picnic area on I-5 just east of Ft. Stockton, Texas.  The view of the countryside is beautiful with sand, tumbleweeds and very large and flat plateaus in the distance.  Semi quiet with the freeway next-door.   One of our favored type of “camp-outs”.

Yesterday in Arizona we stopped for a stretch at a really nice rest area near Tucson.  Perfectly groomed with river rock dry creeks and gravel around the Palo Verde trees.  They are amazingly bright green all over as if they had been spray painted, leaves and all.  I would love to have a few in my garden with my olive trees.

Tonight we will celebrate with a birthday dinner of Mac and Cheese.  It is Tina’s Birthday today!

Happy Birthday, Tina.



  1. Happy Birthday Tina....have a great Quilt travels!! Pauline

  2. Happy Birthday, Tina! Enjoy your travels and festival. p.s. love the table runner :-)

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