Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Pooch Picket Fence

The doggies are safe now behind their very own very elegant picket fence.  No greeting customers and running out the open front door to see anyone else on the sidewalk!

Finishing touch up painting needs to be completed today and then everyone is safe!  We appreciate Steve who “saw” our vision of fence and didn’t even visit our inspiration just down the street.


  1. it look fabulous and function and the "children" will love being able to see the goings on!

  2. I like the fence. Will there be a gate at the front door too. It would be cute and protect the four legged friends and any children.

  3. Great looking will keep your "4 legged children" safe. Enjoy your grand opening day, sEw exciting for you. Sure wish I could join you!! Pauline

  4. Great placement is here when i saw that i am really so shocked and also i am very impressed with your post can you more share here i will back soon as soon possible.
    Thanks for sharing...