Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We are moving our studio

We have outgrown my house on the hill overlooking Clear Lake and have found a new, larger spot to relocate the studio.  We are heading to a nice BIG store on Main Street in Kelseyville.

New Shoppe

Lots of room to work creating designs, shipping our internet packages and putting together patterns and kits.  A NEW benefit will be space to offer all of you who ask where our store is….a fun place to visit and shop.

Redecorating is underway and the painting inside will be finished today or tomorrow.  After the rain stops we can paint the upper part of the building outside.   Spray painting the ceiling made it look like a misty snow storm.


The very large front room is a beautiful sage green but doesn’t look like much in the picture now.

Big Room1More photos to come as we move along.  The new carpet and all our vintage cupboards,  work tables and all the other great stuff will warm this space up wonderfully.

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  1. Congratulations on the new store, looks like a wonderful place, with lots of room and close to traffic.


  2. I love the fresh painted new smell of moving!! :) Congratulations!

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