Monday, February 27, 2012

The PLAID Wool is ready to ship

We spent the week felting all 12 of the beautiful wool and it is now ready for you to see on our Wool Category
Since putting the plaids in our Newsletter the orders have been coming in – fun!

New Plaid Wool

The other six are just as nifty!

New Plaid Wool2

Add some to your stash.  Enjoy.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tons of NEW Wool just Arrived

Our 12 NEW bolts of plaid wool just arrived! 
I snapped a picture of the bolts stacked up in the garage before we find a place to stash the fat bolts. 

New WoolArrives

The first batch is in the washing machine already.   I’m anxious to get all 12 plaids ready for their photo sessions to put on the website.  Keep your eyes open for them to show up in our Newsletter so you can add fabulous wool plaids to your stash.  Each one is super for wool applique and rug hooking.  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Working Dogs at the Studio

OK, now for just a random thought type of blog story!

Here are Tina’s pooches working hard helping her put Eggs on Parade patterns together yesterday.


Campbell and Eddie enjoying some winter sun on the work table.  Pretty fun, huh?  Oh, to have the life of a much loved dog!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Embroidery - Front and Back

We get many emails and comments at shows about the back of your embroidery!  Not matter what, when folks pick up your embroidery they immediately turn it over to see the back – what’s up with that?

Keeping the back of your embroidery neat and clean (to satisfy all those snoopy stitchers) is really not hard with just a few hints – I promise. 

When stitching on tea towels, pillowcases and other things that DO NOT have a backing to cover the embroidery like a pillow, table runner or quilt, it is more important to hide your threads.  I don’t use any extra fabric or stabilizers on the back of my embroidery. 
But I do keep it neat and clean- so easy to do!

I begin my embroidery with a very small knot with the tail clipped off.  The knot in the photo below is in the upper right corner hidden under the second stitch I made…you can see the small lump sticking out.  NOT placing the knot at the very end of the design line helps you to hide and support the knot keeping the knot from showing so much from the front.

Beginning Knot

End your embroidery thread when your stitching area is finished by weaving your needle under the stitches Make a back stitch and weave again under more stitches.  Clip the thread close to the embroidery.  This will eliminate loose threads and tails on the back of your work.

Tie Off Stitches4 - Copy

Begin your next thread the same way you ended – just weave the needle under embroidered stitches a couple of times and continue stitching.  Keep your distances short as you move from motif to motif as you embroider.  Then you won’t have long jump stitches that might show from the front.  For “usable” things like towels, clothing or pillowcase, long threads can be snagged and torn with use. 

MoveFrom StitchToStitch - Copy

In the photo above I completed the red area on the right and pass the needle under the green stitches to hold them in place to move left to embroider another red area.  This holds the stitches in place to protect the stitches from snags, keeps the embroidery neat and I won’t have to to use another knot.  Easy, right?


This is the finished back of a tea towel.  Just make sure you don’t have long threads joining design areas – you might catch them and pull your embroidery as you use them .

Have fun with your embroidery everyone!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is such a sweet holiday. 

We hope all of you have a great day.  Give yourself a sweet embroidery design to make for yourself or even someone else on your good friend list.  In case you may have missed one of our former FREE design we are reminding you to print it out today!


Our mini floral heart was designed to honor Mother’s Day but it is perfect for today too.  Enjoy – we are thinking of all of you and hope you are our Valentine!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Photography of NEW Wool Applique Design

I finished a NEW pin cushion set based on a traditional OLD pin cushion set!  It is ready to come to your house to make.  Here is a photo of a bunch of gathered goodies to do the “official” pattern picture.


Our Grandma’s Tomato Pin Cushion Set is modern day version of the cotton tomato with strawberry emery in Granny’s sewing stuff.  Our FAT little tomato is created with wool and filled with crushed walnut shells.  Like the traditional vintage design, we have a nice wool Strawberry filled with emery to sharpen your pins and needles.  Our Strawberry hangs on the tomato from a glass Ladybug bead.  FUN!


Our Pattern and Materials Packet is now available for you on our website….be the first to make one.

Have a great day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Win A Gift Certificate from Bird Brain Designs

What fun!  Visit our friend Pauline’s blog and enter.

She always has some fun stuff going on with her blog and Pauline is having a contest with a $25.00 gift certificate from us, Bird Brain Designs.

Check out her blog, enter and best of luck!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

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