Saturday, November 12, 2011

Home From Houston’s Festival

We had a super trip to Houston shopping on the way and a little on the way home, too.  We want to do “our part” to improve the country’s economy!  We visited a number of our favorite antique and junque shops to enjoy browsing and sometimes making a great “find” for our collections.


Unpacking some of the goodies found along the way.  Check out Hecho, Tina’s new pet horse, found in a beautiful antique shop in Texas.  Hecho is going to live outside the growing garden at the chicken house at her Twisted Wire Ranch.


Heading home to the ranch in the back of the truck.  We will keep you posted as Hecho gets comfortable in his new digs.  He is a thoroughbred metal steed ‘Hecho en Mexico’…love the hooves and tail.


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