Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow is Already Flying!

Just watched the news and they say it is snowing like gang busters in Colorado….they may even get a couple of feet of snow so early in parts of the state.

Time to head inside by the fire and embroider.  Our NEW Snow Happens BlueWork table runner is just perfect for this early storm.  Get your pattern and muslin and enjoy yourself and watch those snow flakes come down – real or just feel for those in the weather.


We are still waiting for one of the nifty blue fabrics to arrive….the company sent red the first time.  As soon as that roll arrives we can offer the finishing fabric packet for you make your table runner and be ready for winter.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Two NEW Wool Applique Pillows

We have 2 new Wool Applique pillows coming along for holiday decorating. 

2NEW Wool Pillows

Today I should be able to finish the fringed edges and put the back on.  Instructions are at the printer and I need to complete these 2 cuties and take their pictures.

Watch for them soon in your Newsletter and at the show in Houston!

Happy Winter and Christmas coming….Robin

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tina, 10% OFF Sale

A present for everyone on Tina’s birthday.

Take 10% off EVERYTHING on our website and celebrate with Tina.


Visit our website and select all the things you have been wanting and save 10% on EVERYTHING.

Have some fun shopping.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We ran out of a number of patterns because they turned out to be the popular choices at this show…we never know what designs will be favorites!


Silly me forgot to pack this fun little Autumn Scarecrow in his wheelbarrow pattern so, of course, lots of you gals were in the mood to embroider a new design for fall decorating.  This guy with his 3 crow friends is in stock here at the studio.  We also have the very convenient pre-printed Sticky Fabri-Solvy to use instead of tracing him with your light box…a wonderful time saver and your design will be perfectly accurate on the fabric.

The hotel finally found the patterns for our new Winter Partners Pillows after we returned home.  Never a dull moment. We now them them ready to mail out too!


The studio is on high speed getting things ready to take to Houston International Quilt Festival November 3 – 6.  We checked the show floor map and Bird Brain Designs is right up front as you come in the door – WOW! 
Booth spaces 1802 – 1806. 
Come visit.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Special Quilt In Portland

When we were in Portland at the Northwest Quilt Expo our friend Brenda helped us in our busy booth.  Brenda also had 2 quilts displayed at the show….both great!


Proud Brenda is shows off her Sewing theme applique quilt.  The applique and added embroidery was wonderful.  Brenda searched out specialty fabrics that she used where the print was perfect…congratulations!
I really love the pieced sampler border too.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Northwest Quilt Expo Photos

It has already been a couple of weeks since we returned from Portland and the Northwest Quilt Expo.  All of us  – customers and vendors alike – had a great time.  The weather was so beautiful and the show fun.


We also headed out to dinner a couple of evenings after the show instead of making some “gourmet" meal in Lucy, our motor home.  Dinner in a beer vat at CJ’s in Portland.  Yummy dinner in a fun place.


Getting ready to leave in just a few days for Santa Clara and the Pacific International Quilt Festival.  I don’t know of any Brew Pubs and Restaurants we can visit there.