Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stock Up on Beautiful Wool Roving

Stock up on our fabulous 100% Wool Roving and SAVE 25% for all your needle felting projects.


Our 100% wool roving is blended shades of wool fibers giving you a fabulous result when needle felted. Each fleece color is dyed-in-the-wool to maximize brightness and color fastness. Then two, three, or sometimes four colors are blended together to create the beautiful heather mixes in the roving. The wool used is the finest imported Merino Cross wools from New Zealand with a short staple that is perfect for needle felting.

Visit our Wool Roving Category and choose all the colors you love.  Build your stash with 25% off every color!  Have fun.


  1. This wool looks lovely and my hands just want to reach out and touch the merino softness!

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