Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Wacky Snowy Weather

After the first snow we got a little more.  Very odd and unusual but sort of exciting.  This morning the sun came up over the hills with lots of snow still showing.  Lots of clouds but the sun is shining now.

SnowySunrise I had hoped to add more photos from Tina’s Twisted Wire Ranch but she and Kendall couldn’t get to the studio again yesterday.  Let’s hope Monday will work as we need to load up Lucy to head to San Mateo and the Bay Area Quilt, Craft and Sewing Show!  Visit for more information.

SnowOnThe Deck  My foot prints on the deck as I walked out to take the photo of the sunrise.  Still lots of snow.  Mr. Kitty, my outdoor rescue kitty, is quite confused about all this stuff.  We will add more photos when Tina and Kendall come to work next week.



  1. Beautiful.

    We lived in Pleasanton for 4 years. I loved going to the teddy bear and doll shows. There isn't anything here - my greatest joy is going to our Jo-Ann's. At the end of March we are getting a Hobby Lobby which, I hear, is a great craft store. But nothing for the teddy bear artist/collector.

    Happy Weekend
    Joyce & The Bears

  2. Beautiful! Is that the view from you home? Love it!

  3. still snowing here but it is beautiful and the skiers love it!

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