Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Wacky Snowy Weather

After the first snow we got a little more.  Very odd and unusual but sort of exciting.  This morning the sun came up over the hills with lots of snow still showing.  Lots of clouds but the sun is shining now.

SnowySunrise I had hoped to add more photos from Tina’s Twisted Wire Ranch but she and Kendall couldn’t get to the studio again yesterday.  Let’s hope Monday will work as we need to load up Lucy to head to San Mateo and the Bay Area Quilt, Craft and Sewing Show!  Visit for more information.

SnowOnThe Deck  My foot prints on the deck as I walked out to take the photo of the sunrise.  Still lots of snow.  Mr. Kitty, my outdoor rescue kitty, is quite confused about all this stuff.  We will add more photos when Tina and Kendall come to work next week.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funny Weather – Great for Stitching

The mid west and east coast have finally decided to have warmer weather.  What happened in Kelseyville?  It is snowing like crazy and we now have at least 6” at the studio.  Tina and Kendall are “snowed in” at the ranch with over 8” of the pretty white stuff.

Spring Snow Gail made it to the studio this morning and just left after we decided this is not going to stop any time soon.  She has to travel around the lake to head home at the other end of Clear Lake.  You realize we are a little wimpy here with no snow plows and the 2 lane road around the lake is a little skinny plus covered with 6” of snow!  Scary!

1stDaff2011 Sunday I took a photo of my first daffodil in the garden.  Guess Mother Nature was just teasing about spring coming.  I hope the apricot tree’s blossoms will think this is a joke too and just hang in for lovely apricots this summer.  The raccoons and I will miss them if they don’t grow.

Enjoy the weather where you are.  Guess I’ll go stitch a new Freebie design for you to have at the end of February.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Pooch Pictures

I have been collecting dog figurines since I was a young girl (nearly a million years ago by now!).  I found a great old fashioned shelf at a yard sale to put them all on.

DogsOur first dog RedWork designs is on the way.  Fun to embroider pictures and help take care of animals in need.  Part of all the money that comes from our NEW dog and cat patterns will be donated to   They do such great work saving lots of animals abandoned or treated with cruelty.  Be a part of the people who care about animals and visit their website to donate or buy the patterns soon!

531_DogsFabri-Solvy A preview of the “Dog’s Perfect World RedWork” design.  I have printed the design on our Transfer-Eze to get stitched.  We will announce the arrival of the design soon….get ready all you pooch lovers!

Friday, February 11, 2011

NEW Cat and Dog Designs on the way

We love our animals around Bird Brain Designs.  Mackenzie and Campbell are star workers here in the studio.  This is a photo of Campbell supervising the creating of kits – on the work table on her cushion.  Such a helper!

CampbellWorking Mackenzie is not fond of being on the tables and does her best  supervising under the computer table.  Her very best job is guarding any snacks that might arrive in the studio.  Here you can MackenzieGuardingCookies

see her at attention – eyes glued on the bag of chocolate chips on the table.  She can remain in that pose not moving a smidge for ages!  Tina says she should be on TV as the “eager eater” pooch.

Soon we will have 2 NEW designs to honor Dogs and Cats.  All animals need love, home and love.  We support the ASPCA in our county and the National organization too.  A portion of the proceeds for each of the new designs is to be donated to  Please join us in your support of ALL animals in need.  Thanks so very much!

Watch for the NEW designs very soon.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wool Applique and Freezer Paper

In our Newsletter today we are featuring designs to remind us that spring is coming – a well deserved treat for all of you still in the deep freeze!

Our Posy Pin Cushions are in the Newsletter and all three are fun and easy to make.  Each of the pin cushions features a bold flower appliquéd on an olive green wool with a large window pane pattern.  Fill with wool fleece around the Blanket Stitched edge and add Crushed Walnut Shells in the center for weight.203_PosyPinCushions Using Freezer Paper to make each of the pattern templates make creating Wool Appliqué so enjoyable.   Just print the pattern illustrations in your package on Freezer Paper (shiny side down) with your copier.

203_PrintOnFreeezwerePaperYou can, also, trace the designs on the Freezer Paper (shiny side down) instead of using your printer.

203_IronOWoolCut out your pattern piece just outside the printed or traced line.  Iron the pattern template (shiny side down) on your wool.  Now you can cut out the petal on the printed line.  The Freezer Paper give great stability to your wool and makes cutting shapes so EASY.  All the Freezer Paper templates are reusable for a few times – until they get too fuzzy to stick!

Enjoy creating fun Wool Appliqué designs.  Wool is so forgiving to work with and adding the simple embroidery stitches to appliqué is fun and easy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Embroider Quilts in the Garden

A whole long time ago I posted a new design I was stitching – Quilts in the Garden.  It is finished and available as a pattern for you to stitch up in hopes that spring will be coming soon!

522_QuiltsInTheGarden  Three pretty quilts hanging out on a clothesline for display to everyone to admire.  Embroider with Turkey Red #8 Perle cotton RedWork on muslin.   Frame your piece or make into a nice long pillow for your favorite stitching chair.

I took 3 of the small designs in the quilts and in the garden and added the little embroidered patches to a pillow.  One of the quilts has been made into a pin cushion to add to your sewing basket.

Spring will eventually get here and warm us up but you can enjoy a spring-like design to stitch now and be ready when the bulbs peek out of the ground.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

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